Individual Health Insurance

Doctor VisitNational Benefits Consultants, Inc. (NBCI) has established relationships with the best and most affordable major medical insurance companies worldwide, and offers a complete range of products in infinite combinations uniquely suited to meet your needs. You can choose from traditional health plans to consumer-driven plans or a combination of the two.

Looking for a Traditional Health Plan?

The traditional health plan designs allow you to choose from a variety of co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance options paired with a narrow regional or statewide network.

Non-Medicare Individual Health Insurance Plans

Many people are confused about the enrollment process and their eligibility options for individual health insurance. This can be an overwhelming process. National Benefit Consultants can help you with this process.

We have a Health Insurance Assistance Center (HIAC) that assists people with marketplace enrollments and in estimating their subsidies.  We also make individual health insurance plan recommendations.  The HIAC is available to help people with:

  • Coverage from
  • Premium reduction tax credits
  • Open Enrollment time frames
  • Lower premium short-term medical plans
  • Special Enrollment Periods - SEP
  • Job transition

Non Medicare Short-Term Insurance Plans

The individual health insurance open enrollment period is over, and it's difficult to get health insurance without a special enrollment period. Although short-term health insurance plans don't avoid the individual mandate penalty, they can be an affordable way to get health insurance until the next open enrollment period.

Short Term Advantages:

  • Lower more affordable premiums
  • Large comprehensive provider network
  • Many different plan choices
  • Can apply anytime throughout the year
  • Can purchase for defined time period
  • Discount for one-time payment

Short Term Disadvantages:

  • Does not cover any pre-existing conditions
  • Medical underwriting
  • No maternity coverage
  • No wellness or preventative coverage
  • Doesn't avoid individual mandate penalty

Let's Get You Covered Today!

To explore and discuss your options for individual health insurance, simply give NBCI a call at (262) 201-4370/(800) 875-1505 or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!