Groups Served

NBCI has been successful in helping all types of companies and organizations achieve results that improve their employee and retiree healthcare options and they have enrolled thousands of retirees into new programs that positively change healthcare investment.

Companies and organizations throughout the country seeking new approaches to healthcare solutions and rising costs have been able to deliver employee satisfaction while simultaneously controlling the impact of cost and administrative labor to their organization.

Types of Companies and Organizations Served by NBCI

  • Small to large sized public & privately held companies
  • Labor unions
  • Educational organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Co-ops & associations

Through innovative plan designs, NBCI has helped employers, brokers and consultants deliver complete plans and services that:

  • Meet the unique challenges of maturing workforces and retirees.
  • Relieve human resources staff of paperwork and administrative duties.
  • Keep human resources professionals abreast of latest healthcare trends, governmental programs and industry changes.
  • Provide responsive service to insured individuals.
  • Address cost and employer satisfaction considerations.