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Increasing CostsHealth care reform has taken us to a unique point in the evolution of employer based health care. It has also had a positive effect providing guaranteed issue to small groups regardless of health conditions.

However, as a result of this change, small groups under 50 will be adversely impacted due to higher costs and the need to increase deductibles to offset higher premiums.

Our Offer to You

Employers are looking for lower cost alternatives. NBCI feels HRAs, HSAs and partial self-funding will become quite prevalent as well as narrow networks including a move back toward HMOs.

NBCI will offer a no cost assessment and risk profile to determine if partial self-funding is an appropriate consideration. We serve a variety of employers and organizations.

What Makes NBCI Different?

As a business owner or Human Resource Executive, you are challenged with structuring the best health benefits plan for your company or organization.

  • NBCI provides an objective “third party” view of the options available to you for the insurance plan that best serves your requirements. We can provide multiple options and comparisons of multiple insurers solutions.
  • NBCI will collaborate, if requested, with your insurance representative to deliver efficient administrative support services during implementation of your benefits plan and after it is operational.
  • NBCI has resources to keep you informed on changes, new guidelines and government programs that affect your insurance benefits package services.

By partnering with NBCI, your employees and members will have access to some of the finest retiree medical insurance plans available, and more!

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To discover how NBCI can provide a solution to the medical healthcare and dental coverage challenges facing your business, simply give us a call at (262) 201-4370/(800) 875-1505 or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!