NBCI Staff Profiles

To reach any of our staff please call (262) 201-4370 during business hours, (Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST)


Thomas G. Naumann, President

Thomas G. Naumann, our founder and president, is a former senior officer for two major insurance companies. He’s an ingenious creator of insurance products, and successful facilitator of taking those products to market. When it comes to putting together the right networks, administrators, insurance partners, and programs for specific industries and clients, his strategic relationships allow for ingenuity to become product reality. He sees problems as opportunities for new products that meet the need, and brings those products to fruition.


Kerry Leist, Vice President, Director of Operations

Kerry Leist is the organization's Director of Operations, and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of NBCI. She is a highly organized person of integrity, and these strengths, combined with her experience in administration and insurance products--especially Medicare--are tremendous assets that allow NBCI to serve our clients successfully.


David Fee, Senior Benefits Consultant

David Fee previously worked for Humana as a Group Medicare Consultant (GME) for 6 years. While at Humana, David found NBCI among the most knowledgeable consultants in the retiree solutions industry, and leveraged his exposure to NBCI’s voluntary Group Medicare Exchange to help design a voluntary Education Minnesota Group Medicare Exchange for 17,000 union retirees. Now, as part of the NBCI organization, he brings his sales and implementation experience of over 5,000 Full Replacement Medicare Advantage lives to the company. Though proud of his execution of a Medicare Advantage conversion for the State of Wisconsin Post 65 retirees, David gives equal attention to retiree groups of all sizes. If you are in search of retiree solutions, you won’t know all your options until you give David a call.


John Parr, Labor Consultant

John Parr has been active in organized labor for over fifty years, not including his time growing up as the son of a staff representative of an international union. John’s past experience includes positions as Steward, President, Staff Representative, Assistant Director, and Executive Director of a Milwaukee union, where he handled grievance arbitrations and contract negotiations involving the provisions of healthcare for union members. At NBCI, John manages group retiree presentations on the Medicare plans offered by unionized employers and unions, as well as working with individuals to make the best choices for their healthcare needs.


Deborah Fielder-Schuster, Project Manager - Executive

Deborah Fielder-Schuster has worked for NBCI for nearly two decades providing key administrative support and collaboration to all officers of the company. She oversees the implementation and tracking of specific short-term projects and helps NBCI achieve corporate objectives by contributing research and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews. Deborah also handles integral corporate functions such as payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, maintains our customer database, and handles correspondence and recordkeeping for the company President.


Lillian Leist (RN), Administration /Benefits

Lillian Leist brings a broad range of talents to NBCI, and handles a wide assortment of administrative tasks. She is both a licensed insurance agent and a Registered Nurse, making her our go-to reference for complicated prescription drug issues and Medicare Part D evaluations. Lillian also assists with everything from client database management to product literature organization, and lends a hand with special projects and mailings.


KellyAnn Bessa, Administration /Benefits

KellyAnn Bessa is one of our valued, licensed agents, with nearly twenty years of experience working in the insurance industry. Her range of experience includes working for both multi-national insurance companies and independent agents. Her superb attention to detail and outstanding problem-solving skills enable her to handle everything from new client enrollments to existing client customer service deftly and efficiently. Her customer service acuity benefits clients and NBCI partners on a daily basis.